Local harvest

23.8. – 28.9.2014

Nature has always inspired and influenced artists and designers. The harvest season will this year come into being in the form of a handpicked “Lokal” selection at Gumbostrand Konst & Form. Surprising combinations in an experiential surrounding. Exhibition design and curation by Katja Hagelstam and Hanni Koroma.

Artists: Aksel Antas, Aino Favén, Bo Haglund, Sasha Huber, Jari Huhta, Renata Jakowleff, Jouko Kärkkäinen, Outi Martikainen,… Read more

BY – Finnish Illustrations for Children


In picture books and animations visual expressions are as important and meaningful as texts. Finnish illustrators create new pictures for children every day. The legacy of Tove Jansson is still alive, but at the same time today’s illustrators form a new generation of image creators. This exhibition, aiming at a playful dialogue with the visitor, highlights nine Finnish illustrators. In BY, the visitor may step into the world of Finnish illustration… Read more